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Navigating your virtual event has never been easier. Simply click and drag to explore your 360 environment. 

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Whether you are hosting or attending, you never have to limit your audience potential or miss an event again.

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Host Talks & Workshops

With Virtual Exhibitions, location is never an issue. Capture and engage with the audience outside of your usual reach. 

Reports from 360 Expo

Gain Useful Insights

Gather useful data from every event. See where visitors are spending their time and how they are interacting.

What is a Virtual Exhibition?

A virtual exhibition is an online version of a ‘real-world’ exhibition.

With a virtual exhibition, you can navigate and interact with businesses like you would in the real world, but from any location, at any time. Simply log in to the platform and start exploring and interacting with businesses and users.

Virtual exhibitions also provide a greater level of interactivity, inclusivity and accessibility when compared to a real-world exhibition. Being accessible online from any location means that you can reach a wider audience, enabling users to explore at their own pace and convenience. 


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D2N2 360Expo
Chesterfield Borough Council
Derby City Council
Destination Chesterfield 360Expo

Exhibitions Tailored For You

We build and design highly interactive and immersive event spaces fit for an exhibition.

While real-world skills fairs serve their purpose, we know whether it’s time, money or logistics, thousands miss out on opportunities to access important events every year. 

With our Virtual Exhibitions, you can design and include all the information you would provide at a traditional event and MORE!

Visitors can access a library of interactive content at their fingertips.

Take your next open day online and enrol more students for less...

Transform your university’s open-day experience and engage directly with pupils on a platform that is more engaging and accessible than traditional open days alone. 

Designed to increase visibility and traffic to your university Th360 University Fair allows more students to attend your open days and explore courses than physically possible.

Online Exhibitions

Oxlep Skills 360 Expo

Find Your Future is OxLEP’s online careers platform for young people, schools/ colleges and parents/carers.

360 Expo My Future Chesterfield

My Future is a virtual gateway offering support for those seeking employment or education opportunities within Chesterfield


A 360 Virtual Exhibition for all museums, galleries, heritage and culture professionals.

The Rainbow Gallery

A 360 Virtual Gallery showcasing a digital archive of artwork created in support of key workers.

Let's organise your next Virtual Exhibition!

Virtual Exhibitions offer a simple, inclusive and immersive solution to both businesses and attendees. In a digital-first age, you can’t afford to limit your scope to in-person events only. 

Whatever the event, we can design a personalised solution that exceeds your expectations. 

Drop us a message today and discover how we can help you maximise your potential.