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You can conveniently access the Skills Fair from any device, be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, at any time and from any location.

Smart Skills Fair

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Ensure comprehensive inclusivity and avoid overlooking untapped talents within your local area.

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Organising an event has never been easier, simply follow a link and get started.

Plugging the gap by offering an equal and limitless opportunity to every student


In our digital-first age, we need to offer an all-inclusive and clear pathway from education into the workplace to plug the ever-growing skillset gaps we are seeing in a number of industries. 

Whether it’s due to location, social-economical, or physical limitations, we know thousands of students and crucial talent is being missed because Students are unable to commit to a physical skills-fair event. 

With 360Expo Smart Skills Fair, you can offer an equal pathway for students into every business and sector, plugging the gap and benefiting from untapped talent. 

All you need is an internet connection.

Getting started…

Accept Your Invite

You will be sent a link from the 360Expo Team to log in to your Expo Portal. Once logged in you can start to assign pods and invite exhibitors. 

Customise Your Exhibiton

Customise your exhibition to match your branding and vision. Change key colours, and display both your own and sponsored branding. 

Add Users & Assign Pods

Once you are logged in, you can start to add additional organisers and exhibitors and assign sectors and pods ready for the exhibitors to login.

Gain Insights

Unlike real-world exhibitions, your virtual event collects valuable data for the event’s entire duration. See how who is engaging and what sectors and pods are popular. 


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  • Chesterfield Borough Council

Offer a clear and inclusive pathway for every individual today!

Get a true measure of your local talent with Smart Skills Fairs

Widen your net and capture the full scope of your local talent by hosting an online version of your skills fair. When every student has equal opportunity, the possibilities are endless. 

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