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Open the door to more direct communication with prospective students online from any location and device.

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Real-Time Data Collection

Get access to real-time data from the event to gain accurate insights into your student’s engaged sessions.


360 University Fair

Thousands of  Unique Student Sessions

Increasing visibility to your university is easy when you have thousands of unique students logging in each day.

Get more visibility and meaningful engagement from thousands of students daily...

Universities throughout the UK invest significant sums in their annual marketing budgets to engage prospective students. However, the opportunities for direct interaction between students and university at fairs are severely restricted. 

Not only do these fairs incur substantial costs for organisation and execution, but they also impose limitations on the number of students who can be reached.

Leading universities are now taking their open-day fairs online to capture a larger volume of students’ attention over a longer duration with the use of our Online University Fair.

With all your campus and course information at their fingertips, students can interact directly with your university, browsing videos, and course information and contact heads of facilities directly from any location, at any time in one interactive online space.

Reduce your cost per enrolled student when you widen your capture on our exclusive Online University Fair

When you take your University Fair Online you aren’t limited to a single day or event, your stand is accessible to thousands of prospective students every minute of every day. With the cost per enrolled student rising engaging more students for less is essential.

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1.5 millon spent on university marketing
Online University Fair

Please note we now only have a select number of stands available to feature, contact us today to review availability.

How does The 360 University Fair Work?

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Until March 2023 you can register your university for free to gain exclusive access and use of our online university fair platform.

Customise Your Stand

Customise your stand to fit your university branding and ethos. Include images, videos, PDFs, contact forms and more.

Engage with Students

Using our built-in contact forms receive direct enquiries and questions from students in real-time.

Real-Time Reports

Gain instant insights about your audience with access to our visitor analytics. See how many students are engaging, what information they are viewing and informative takeaways.


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