Grab the attention of hundreds of students from the moment they step inside the fair.... Launch Offer: Our University Fair is FREE for Universities to try until March 23'

With hundreds of students navigating The360 University Fair hourly, getting their attention instantly and gaining more exposure to your university and course is essential.

With our designated sponsorship location to fit every budget, you can give your university and course extra visibility to hundreds of users each session.

Take students to your stand instantly...

Gain instant visibility and interactions from hundred of students every session.

The360 University Fair Sponsorship

Entrance Banners

Get immediate exposure from students before they enter the exhibition with our large clickable wall banners featured at the start of every student’s journey.

£99 per month

The360 University Fair Sponsored Banners

Wall Banners

12 clickable wall locations are available per exhibit that provide more information about your course or university, with direct links to your stand.

£19 per month each

Floor Sponsorship Opportunities

Floor Locations

36 floor locations are available throughout the exhibit, for additional exposure to your university no matter where students are located within the fair.

£4 per month each

Online University Fair Sponsorship

Orbiting Blimp

Take your university exposure to new heights with our clickable orbiting Blimp. The moving blimp is viewable from every location within the exhibition.

£99 per month

Online University Fair

Please note we now only have a select number of stands available to feature, contact us today to review availability.

How to get started with The 360  University Fair…

Register Your University

Until March 2023 you can register your university on our platform for free. Simply email our team to get started.

Provide Stand Infomation

Once you are in contact with our team members we will require a media pack from your team to get your stand up and running.

Start Engaging Students

Once we have received your media pack we will get your stand universities uploaded to The 360 University Fair 

Start Gaining Insights & Enquiries

Once your stand is live you can gain real-time insights and start capturing enquiries straight to your mailbox.


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