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It is the best careers website i have ever used! The virtual fair was an interactive and interesting way to display some helpful information that I actually thought I may have missed if I were there in person” – Student attending ‘Find Your Future’ – OxLEP Gateway

Skills events are evolving, are you?

Apprenticeships  –  Industry  –  University 

Traditional skills events are falling short in meeting the diverse needs of students, businesses, and educational institutions. Limited by physical boundaries and lacking in engagement, these events are failing to create meaningful connections.

Breaking geographical barriers, The Future Gateway provides convenient access for all participants. Students can interact directly with businesses, apprenticeships, and universities, fostering dynamic connections and opening doors to exciting opportunities.


Are you ready to redefine your approach to skills?

Connecting with students of today.

Future Gateways connect students of today with their future in a way they want and need.

Whether it’s university, apprenticeships, or local/national opportunities they can access, learn and discover in a way that is inclusive and engaging for every student.

Building harmony between the local skill gaps and higher education

The Future Gateway brings together university and local/national opportunities under one virtual roof. 

For students exploring their future, this allows them to discover what opportunities are available on their doorstep and which skills/degrees are required to qualify.

A platform designed for complete accesbility & inclusivity

Popularity and demand for online skills events are being driven by accessibility and affordability. When you open your gateway you can provide a fully inclusive and disability-confident approach to skills and careers. 

Due to their ease of accessibility online skills events can be accessed more frequently, by more users over a longer period, meaning everyone is provided with an equal opportunity.

Greater attendance and engagement for students, businesses and education

Unlike traditional events, our online skills event provides vital information and data insights to both event organisers and individual businesses. 

Accessible via an online portal event organisers and local businesses can access live analytics which provides insights into user’s sessions / favoured stands/content and interactions. 

Connect with future employees and students earlier

Connecting with future employees earlier in education allows students to tailor their learning to build the skills they need to enter the career they want later down the line.

Students are also able to get greater access to events, open days and work experience thanks to the accessibility and relationships built.


Future Gateway features

Dual Exhibition

Your Future Gateway brings two career avenues under one roof. Students attending your online skills event can explore a dedicated exhibition of local/ national opportunities within your area alongside a separate exhibition dedicated to universities. 

Live Chat

Engage with students visiting during special events and provide them with the answers and insights they need to take the next step.

Ai Stand Attendant

When you are away from your stand our AI-powered stand attendant is available to answer any questions visitors might have about your industry or course. 

Interactive Portal

Our interactive online portal provides businesses and event organises with access to their stand and event 24/7. Within the portal, you can customise and access analytics. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Great opportunity to meet students and answer their questions. This is good as theres those who might not be able to travel to a careers fair, great opportunity to find out more – OxLEP ‘Find Your Future’ Business Standholder 2023


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